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It’s a rainy Sunday evening, and the ground is well-soaked, as were some of the farmers and vendors who hauled their stock up to the Grant Park Market this morning.   It was pretty quiet out there today.  I think lots of people were connected to their couches, listening to the rain from inside their cozy […]

Last week, one of my clients hosted a dinner at her house for ten women.  She asked me if I would be able to cook a meal to accommodate one of her guests who is currently on a cleansing diet- avoiding all processed sugars and grains.  It seems that a lot of folks these days […]

This weekend was the opening of the Grant Park Farmers Market. What a fabulous place!  Here is what I had for breakfast. So delicious!  There were tables full of fresh pastries, pastas, cheeses, crepes, granola, ice cream, and locally grown fruits and veggies.  Of course my favorite was the best looking table of all, Turtle […]