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That’s right, people.  Bouncing back is just what I am doing today.  From what, you ask?  From several punches in the gut, courtesy of January 2013. 1.  I’ve been sick this week.  My nose was stuffed and running at the same time.  My ears, clogged.  And my brain, foggy.  I self-medicated with loads of soup, […]

Hello, friends.  It’s official.  The hats and scarves have reared their ugly heads, and although folks around here are all talking about much they LOVE the cold weather, the streets were empty as a ghost town after I delivered meals to my Veggie Wednesday clients.  It wasn’t terribly late, just cold, and I believe people […]

Lane snapper that is.  Y-U-M.  The weather has been fabulous this week in Georgia.  Blue skies, sunny days, and temperatures flirting with the 70s.  I am thankful!  My husband loves a good weather forecast, so we planned ahead for something light yet flavorful- a Cajun inspired baked fish with sauteed swiss chard and a baked sweet potato.  […]

The goodness, that is.  I found myself sitting at the table last night for five full minutes, just revelling the goodness of dinner.  Crumpled napkin in my hand, heat dancing on my tongue from the slightest touch of chili paste in the marinade I made for the pork tenderloin.  The simplicity of it all.  It was a […]