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Yesterday, my tiny town of Decatur, Georgia was flooded with love and admiration.  Yes, it was Valentine’s Day, and plenty of people donned red outfits and bought balloons, flowers, and chocolates for their sweethearts.  But there was a lit-tle something else brewing in our progressive community that caused many folks to wear blue. President Barack […]

The week of candy hearts, long stemmed red roses, and fluffy bears holding chocolates, is coming to an end.  Thankfully, my husband knows me well.  While I was finishing cooking for my clients on Tuesday evening, he walked through the door holding stargazer lilies and hot pink alstroemeria, along with a card – on which […]

Flat Iron Steak.  It’s a cut of meat from behind the shoulder of the cow that was orginally thought to be too stringy or tough to be utilized in any other way besides stewing.  But in recent years, the Flat Iron Steak has become increasingly popular in restaurants across the country.  I remember tasting it in […]