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As I was running errands today, I couldn’t get home fast enough.  I was hungry and overly eager to break into my quart-sized container of Matzoh Ball Soup from The General Muir. So simple and satisfying.  This bowl of pure chicken broth goodness, and that one imperfectly-shaped, fluffy, tender matzoh ball, brought back about a […]

Hey, Y’all!   I write you today from a room full of spirited (read angry) screaming football fans.  Yikes.  I could personally live quite happily without ever watching a football game again.  I think it’s boring- what with all the stoppages in play every two seconds.  What?  A flag on the play?  Shocker.  But, folks […]

Hey, y’all.  This time of year feels like ocean living.  Cool in the morning and at night, but so warm you have to peel your layers off in the sunshine of midday.  The windows are open in our house, and there’s nothing like sleeping with a cool breeze flowing through the room.  Well, it’s better […]

It’s hard to believe it’s only Wednesday.  It feels like there’s been so much week to this week already.  And you know what happened?  I baked. It’s true!  A cook friend of mine, who specializes in creating meals for those who are ill, had to tend to her father in Hospice care.  She asked me […]

By now you know that my love affair with tomatoes is a hot and heavy one. Over these last several weeks, I have incorporated tomatoes into every dish I could dream up.  They’ve played starring roles and supporting roles in the likes of fresh salsa, pastas, bruschetta, pizzas, salads, tomato pies, sandwiches, egg dishes, tomato […]

With summa time comes summer squash, my friends.  And lots of it, which leads us to a lovely predicament.  What to do with all this squash?  Anything you like!  Summer squash can be eaten raw in salads, grilled, sauteed, roasted, steamed, battered and fried, baked in breads, curried, made into milkshakes…okay.  Maybe not milkshakes like […]

This weekend was the opening of the Grant Park Farmers Market. What a fabulous place!  Here is what I had for breakfast. So delicious!  There were tables full of fresh pastries, pastas, cheeses, crepes, granola, ice cream, and locally grown fruits and veggies.  Of course my favorite was the best looking table of all, Turtle […]

Hello, friends.  I have been sick for what feels like forever.  Stuffy nose, congestion, ears filled with bubbles that won’t let me hear quite right.  Generally miserable for the last nine days.  And now, my poor husband has come down with it, which is really not fair, since he did such a tremendous job taking care of […]

Soup is a powerful, healing, comforting gift that is limitless in variety and can be made from next to nothing.  We all have memories attached to soup.  My Bubbie’s chicken soup with matzo balls was stronger than any antibiotic and could make you feel better, no matter was wrong.  I have a funny memory of being on the […]