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Hey, y’all!  Thanksgiving is just 2 days away, and I am super excited for my favorite holiday of the year.  My mom is coming to town in mere hours!!!!!  I hope you’ve already done your planning and shopping, so you don’t have to head into the last minute madness, but if you haven’t yet- fear not. […]

Hello there, friends.  It’s a peaceful Monday morning, and I find myself in awe.  I started my day by reading this inspiring update about Georgia girl Aimee Copeland’s progress.  I was struck by her perspective.  After losing limbs and nearly her life, Aimee articulated her feelings while enjoying her first hour of sunshine in 49 […]

I’ve been playing with kohlrabi and radishes a lot this week.  I appreciate their crisp texture and the ease with which they take on flavor. Here’s a real simple recipe that I made to go along with a Grilled Mexican Spiced Pork Tenderloin.  It took very little time to put together and it was quite […]

Well, it’s time to share about our last day in the Sunshine State.  By the time I was out of bed and into the kitchen, there was already a huge pork shoulder dry rubbed with BBQ seasonings in the oven.  We had plans for this guy to cook low and slow all day long.  We […]