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Hello, and Happy Almost Christmas!  Have you made your lists and checked them twice??  As per usual, Christmas snuck right up on me, while I was busy lighting Hanukkah candles and being showered with tons of incredible birthday love. At the ripe old age of 39, I can tell you one thing for certain, I […]

Ahh, nothing like a weekend full of sunshine, local festivals with amazing live bands, birthday celebrations, cookouts, time with friends, and peaches. Yup, it’s week two of the peaches in Georgia and, as we walked up to the Grant Park Market today, a truck full of ’em was backing up to Pearson’s peach stand to […]

I love cheese.  When I was in second grade, I made an All About Me book.  For my “favorite foods” page, I cut out and pasted on a giant tower of cheese from a magazine.  The tower o’ cheese was so tall, it stuck out of both ends of my book.  Almost 30 years later, […]

I think it’s safe to say that with the passing of Labor Day came the cool weather.  I’ve got a scarf around my neck and a blanket on my lap.  I expected more of a gradual change than a dramatic dip in the temperature, but you can’t mess with Mother Nature.   In celebration of […]

Getting back out into nature over the past couple of weeks has been exhilarating for Adam and I. We’ve been white water rafting, hiking, swimming, and enjoying what Georgia has to offer.  Aside from the 90 + degree heat.  After a long walk through the woods on Saturday, we planned to cook a veritable feast.  […]

I’ll admit it.  I’ve never liked fennel.  I have even used the “h word” when it comes to black licorice.  So, I never had the desire to get close to a vegetable that supposedly tastes just like that flavor I detest.  Until one night a couple of weeks ago.  We were on the back deck […]

Hello there!!  Bet you thought I forgot all about you.  Well, I haven’t!  Last week was an incredibly busy week for me, and I just needed a few days to recuperate.  I am not as young and resilient as I used to be!  Haha. I am all about bringing people happiness through food, which can take […]

Hello, friends.  Tumblr has been having some technical difficulties, so I’ve been unable to post.  But, I’m back!  And I am excited to share my latest culinary concoctions and new developments in my Plan to Plate world. Part of the way I cook and an important facet of what I bring to my clients’ tables, […]