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‘Tis the season for field peas.  They look harmless, right?  I like that the pods are different shades of greens and purples.  And I appreciate their Southern, late summer charm.  In theory.  But, in reality, my thumbs are aching!!!  I’ve been shelling peas an awful lot lately, since they’ve been a part of Jackson Lowe’s […]

Last weekend, Adam and I got a double dose of Farmers Market goodness.  And you know that made me happy!  We sort of eased on in to our Saturday morning, enjoying our coffee on the porch.  Then, the sweet husband fixed breakfast for us-reminding me of yet another reason I married that man- he truly […]

This week had some serious ups and downs.  I mean, all weeks do, but this one had heavy parts, and moments of wonder.  A dear friend’s father passed away, reminding me how short our time is here on Earth.  We celebrated John’s vibrant life with loads of friends and family members sharing food, drinks, and music.  Laughing […]

The goodness, that is.  I found myself sitting at the table last night for five full minutes, just revelling the goodness of dinner.  Crumpled napkin in my hand, heat dancing on my tongue from the slightest touch of chili paste in the marinade I made for the pork tenderloin.  The simplicity of it all.  It was a […]