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At 8:30 am this Sunday, while I wiped the sleep from my eyes and noticed that my only snuggle partner was my fourteen year old dog (lifted lovingly onto the bed each morning by her papa), I heard a familiar muffled clamor coming from the kitchen.  My husband was making fresh sausage for us to […]

Well, it’s already February, and I haven’t even wished you a Happy New Year.  What a slacker!!!  Happy New Year, my friends!  I hope your holidays were spectacular and that you’ve welcomed this brand new year with gusto.  I wonder if you’re sticking to your resolutions… I’ve been happily busy cooking for clients these last […]

The jalapenos are coming!  The jalapenos are coming!  When I heard word of this good news from Mecca, and she started talking about jalapeno poppers, my ears perked up and my mouth started watering. Of course, Adam and I wanted to do something different than the typical cream cheese stuffed peppers.  We couldn’t just do […]