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Well, they say, “When it rains, it pours.”  And they (whoever they are) were not joking.  Sandy came through and thoroughly trashed the Northeast- including my beloved home beach town of Sea Isle City, New Jersey. My brother, his wife, and three sick children, are holed up in a South Jersey hotel- the second hotel […]

Hello, friends!  I am so grateful to have time to sit and write this morning while the smells of bubbling chicken broth waft in from my kitchen.  Monday and Tuesday were twelve hour work days for me, and Wednesday was pretty long too.  Each day began with a massive planning session, followed by a visit […]

Hello, friends!  This morning, I am on my porch, listening to the birds chip away, and I have a moment of quiet bliss.  It’s been a while… Lately, I find myself in the Farmer’s Market almost every day, and in my kitchen cooking A LOT.  And upon reflection, I’ve realized that the school year is […]

This is the time of year when the temperature drops, and I always dream of moving to a town with a much warmer climate.  But this time around, I own a local food business that I am committed to growing.  I’ve put down some serious roots, and they need watering.  So, I put the kibosh […]