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Hello, friends.  I have been sick for what feels like forever.  Stuffy nose, congestion, ears filled with bubbles that won’t let me hear quite right.  Generally miserable for the last nine days.  And now, my poor husband has come down with it, which is really not fair, since he did such a tremendous job taking care of […]

It doesn’t have to be November to be thankful, or to cook up a split turkey breast.  Thankfully.  The split breast is a great option for a weekend dinner, because it takes a little longer than my preferred week night cooking time.  It also provides tender, juicy leftovers for lunch sammiches and salads during the busy […]

Hello, friends.  Tumblr has been having some technical difficulties, so I’ve been unable to post.  But, I’m back!  And I am excited to share my latest culinary concoctions and new developments in my Plan to Plate world. Part of the way I cook and an important facet of what I bring to my clients’ tables, […]