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Hello, y’all!  I hope you had a fabulous Fourth of July celebration week in spite of the sweltering heat!  Not surprisingly, life threw a curveball at me and put a wrench in my travel plans.  I was supposed to be heading to New Jersey on the 4th to help take care of a new little […]

The week of candy hearts, long stemmed red roses, and fluffy bears holding chocolates, is coming to an end.  Thankfully, my husband knows me well.  While I was finishing cooking for my clients on Tuesday evening, he walked through the door holding stargazer lilies and hot pink alstroemeria, along with a card – on which […]

I’ve almost forgotten that it is cold and rainy outside as I write, because I have been looking at the beautiful photos from the market this week.  Grant Park was alive with color and personality on Sunday. And I was in an extra good mood, because it was our first wedding anniversary weekend!  Adam and […]

Poor Succotash.  What has this simple summer time dish done to earn such a bad rap? Maybe it’s all because of Sylvester the Cat’s expression of distaste.  Maybe it’s the memory, burned in many folks’ brains, of overcooked, mushy lima beans that turns them off.  Or did a generation tire of eating it during the […]

Getting back out into nature over the past couple of weeks has been exhilarating for Adam and I. We’ve been white water rafting, hiking, swimming, and enjoying what Georgia has to offer.  Aside from the 90 + degree heat.  After a long walk through the woods on Saturday, we planned to cook a veritable feast.  […]