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By now you know that my love affair with tomatoes is a hot and heavy one. Over these last several weeks, I have incorporated tomatoes into every dish I could dream up.  They’ve played starring roles and supporting roles in the likes of fresh salsa, pastas, bruschetta, pizzas, salads, tomato pies, sandwiches, egg dishes, tomato […]

My palate is ever-expanding to embrace new flavors, textures, and cultures of food.  I feel thankful for that!  I love trying foods I’ve never tasted before and basking in the delight of adding something new to my list of culinary loves.  Naturally, as I experiment with tasting new flavors, I am inspired in the kitchen. […]

Hello there!!  Bet you thought I forgot all about you.  Well, I haven’t!  Last week was an incredibly busy week for me, and I just needed a few days to recuperate.  I am not as young and resilient as I used to be!  Haha. I am all about bringing people happiness through food, which can take […]