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At 8:30 am this Sunday, while I wiped the sleep from my eyes and noticed that my only snuggle partner was my fourteen year old dog (lifted lovingly onto the bed each morning by her papa), I heard a familiar muffled clamor coming from the kitchen.  My husband was making fresh sausage for us to […]

It’s hard to believe it’s only Wednesday.  It feels like there’s been so much week to this week already.  And you know what happened?  I baked. It’s true!  A cook friend of mine, who specializes in creating meals for those who are ill, had to tend to her father in Hospice care.  She asked me […]

Hello, friends!  If you’re reading this, you haven’t fully melted yet.  Amazing!  The past few days have been the hottest EVER recorded for the Atlanta area.  When it’s 106 degrees outside in Georgia, it pretty much feels like you have to swim through the humidity just to move.  You can actually slice the air with […]

My commitment to letting the tomato shine continues this week with a most tomato-y of sauces- salsa!  It’s so simple and flavorful.  I am enjoying it myself and sharing it with all my clients. (not pictured, lime.) This is hardly even a recipe really, you just chunk those tomatoes, and take the paper off your […]

Poor Succotash.  What has this simple summer time dish done to earn such a bad rap? Maybe it’s all because of Sylvester the Cat’s expression of distaste.  Maybe it’s the memory, burned in many folks’ brains, of overcooked, mushy lima beans that turns them off.  Or did a generation tire of eating it during the […]

I’ll admit it.  I’ve never liked fennel.  I have even used the “h word” when it comes to black licorice.  So, I never had the desire to get close to a vegetable that supposedly tastes just like that flavor I detest.  Until one night a couple of weeks ago.  We were on the back deck […]

I have always loved a tender, juicy Thanksgiving turkey.  But it’s not an every day occurrence that a whole turkey is roasting in my kitchen.  The more approachable split turkey breast has definitely made its way through my oven and into my belly more than once.  The turkey breast doesn’t take nearly as long to cook […]

This week’s Taco Tuesday adventure was a smashing success.  Roasted chicken soft tacos and homemade pico de gallo served with a dynamite corn and black bean side dish.  I started by preheating my oven so I could roast my bone-in chicken first.  I chose to buy one chicken breast and a couple of thighs, because I appreciate the […]