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It’s a rainy Sunday evening, and the ground is well-soaked, as were some of the farmers and vendors who hauled their stock up to the Grant Park Market this morning.   It was pretty quiet out there today.  I think lots of people were connected to their couches, listening to the rain from inside their cozy […]

My commitment to letting the tomato shine continues this week with a most tomato-y of sauces- salsa!  It’s so simple and flavorful.  I am enjoying it myself and sharing it with all my clients. (not pictured, lime.) This is hardly even a recipe really, you just chunk those tomatoes, and take the paper off your […]

I have come to realize that I’ve been on a chicken kick.  Sure I sprinkle in a little pork, beef, fish, or turkey.  But there’s been a lot of chicken flying through this kitchen lately.  Chicken is a “go to” for many, many people.  After all, it is an inexpensive meat that is easily accessible, […]

Hello, friends.  I have been sick for what feels like forever.  Stuffy nose, congestion, ears filled with bubbles that won’t let me hear quite right.  Generally miserable for the last nine days.  And now, my poor husband has come down with it, which is really not fair, since he did such a tremendous job taking care of […]

Soup is a powerful, healing, comforting gift that is limitless in variety and can be made from next to nothing.  We all have memories attached to soup.  My Bubbie’s chicken soup with matzo balls was stronger than any antibiotic and could make you feel better, no matter was wrong.  I have a funny memory of being on the […]

I’m not quite sure why it took me so long to make pesto for the first time.  I think I was intimidated.  It sounded complicated.  And it certainly wasn’t anything we ever ate in my house growing up.  My mom cooked for us almost every single night, G-d bless her, and she was a good […]