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About two years ago, Plan to Plate was just getting revved up, and I was shooting entirely from the hip.  A sweet friend, who I had grown to love while we waited tables, introduced me to Charli, owner of local food business “Beyond the Measuring Cup”, with the hopes that she would be a mentor […]

Hello, friends.  It’s official.  The hats and scarves have reared their ugly heads, and although folks around here are all talking about much they LOVE the cold weather, the streets were empty as a ghost town after I delivered meals to my Veggie Wednesday clients.  It wasn’t terribly late, just cold, and I believe people […]

Peaches are all around us these days in the great state of Georgia.  They are sweet, juicy, and taste like summer time.  Aside from enjoying them on their own, I have plans for incorporating these little treasures into salsas, salads, and sauces.  What better a pairing for the Georgia peach than in a good old […]

Holiday time 2010 was just fabulous.  I was able to visit with so many loved ones and celebrate the season in different ways.  But, oh my.  My jeans are fitting a lot tighter, and I’m actually relieved for the start of 2011 and getting back on track with healthy eating.  I have never seen so many cookies, […]