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I’ve almost forgotten that it is cold and rainy outside as I write, because I have been looking at the beautiful photos from the market this week.  Grant Park was alive with color and personality on Sunday. And I was in an extra good mood, because it was our first wedding anniversary weekend!  Adam and […]

Hello, friends!  I am so grateful to have time to sit and write this morning while the smells of bubbling chicken broth waft in from my kitchen.  Monday and Tuesday were twelve hour work days for me, and Wednesday was pretty long too.  Each day began with a massive planning session, followed by a visit […]

This week is Adam’s birthday week, so we’ve been celebrating and reflecting on years past for days.  We went to the Marietta market on Saturday to pick up our goodies before I indulged Adam in watching Georgia Tech football at one of our favorite local restaurants, Twain’s.  They’ve recently changed chefs, and the food there […]

Last weekend, Adam and I got a double dose of Farmers Market goodness.  And you know that made me happy!  We sort of eased on in to our Saturday morning, enjoying our coffee on the porch.  Then, the sweet husband fixed breakfast for us-reminding me of yet another reason I married that man- he truly […]

Sometimes, life gets tricky.  The past few weeks have been riddled with worry over a very close friend who got sick out of the blue with a blood infection.  He spent 10 days in the hospital in addition to two ER trips.  Thankfully, he is out of the woods and home now, recovering.  Trying to […]

I think it’s safe to say that with the passing of Labor Day came the cool weather.  I’ve got a scarf around my neck and a blanket on my lap.  I expected more of a gradual change than a dramatic dip in the temperature, but you can’t mess with Mother Nature.   In celebration of […]

There are leaves all over my back yard, and I am wearing a long sleeve shirt this morning.  Aahhhh!  As much as I am starting to believe that fall really is coming, the Marietta Farmer’s Market indulged me with a little summertime extension last weekend. Hooray for more Georgia corn!!  The Marietta Market is much […]

The past couple of mornings have been cool and breezy.  Beautiful.  And I can feel that fall is just around the corner.  I’m enjoying the less-than-sweltering temperatures and the sight of butternut squash.  Is it possible that soon it will be Labor Day and then Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas/ Hannukkah??  2011 has been flying […]

By now you know that my love affair with tomatoes is a hot and heavy one. Over these last several weeks, I have incorporated tomatoes into every dish I could dream up.  They’ve played starring roles and supporting roles in the likes of fresh salsa, pastas, bruschetta, pizzas, salads, tomato pies, sandwiches, egg dishes, tomato […]

If I could save time in a bottle, I’d save these summer days.  The colors are just so vivid and the flavors, so simple and true.  I know there will come a time, too close in the future, when I won’t have a giant bowls of tomatoes at my fingertips.  (Tiny tear trickling down cheek.) […]