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Pizza.  It’s a staple in our home.  I’m pretty sure my husband could eat it every day, even though he used to work at a pizza restaurant and was elbow deep in flour and cheese most of the time.  It’s just a meal that we don’t ever get bored of eating- probably because we never […]

My palate is ever-expanding to embrace new flavors, textures, and cultures of food.  I feel thankful for that!  I love trying foods I’ve never tasted before and basking in the delight of adding something new to my list of culinary loves.  Naturally, as I experiment with tasting new flavors, I am inspired in the kitchen. […]

Hey, Y’all! I write to you today with a belly full of Peanut Butter and Banana French Toast.  Now, that is an awesome way to kick off a Sunday.  It’s real simple and delicious, so I’d like to share it with you, as sort of an appetizer for the Indian Inspired Pork that will be […]

Hello, friends.  I have been sick for what feels like forever.  Stuffy nose, congestion, ears filled with bubbles that won’t let me hear quite right.  Generally miserable for the last nine days.  And now, my poor husband has come down with it, which is really not fair, since he did such a tremendous job taking care of […]

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!  I hope that you are feeling the love today- from your friends, from your family, or from your honey.  I love love…so I especially enjoy a day that is all about celebrating love!  This photo shows last year’s Valentine’s Day dinner.  A juicy, red steak, a simple arugula salad and roasted […]

I grew up in a very organized home with a very organized mama.  My bed had to be made every morning, even though I was just going to get back in it later!  Our rooms had to be kept neat and tidy.  And you definitely did not leave anything laying around that you didn’t want […]

The part of Plan to Plate that I love best is the ever-changing nature of it.  I will forever protect and preserve the individualized concept, because it brings my clients and me joy in so many different ways.  For some people, I just plan their menus, provide recipes, and send a shopping list.  I can […]

Soup is a powerful, healing, comforting gift that is limitless in variety and can be made from next to nothing.  We all have memories attached to soup.  My Bubbie’s chicken soup with matzo balls was stronger than any antibiotic and could make you feel better, no matter was wrong.  I have a funny memory of being on the […]

Well, it’s time to share about our last day in the Sunshine State.  By the time I was out of bed and into the kitchen, there was already a huge pork shoulder dry rubbed with BBQ seasonings in the oven.  We had plans for this guy to cook low and slow all day long.  We […]

Day two started out beautifully.  Years ago, when my mom came to visit in Atlanta, we had brunch at Sage, where I used to wait tables.  She had this amazing challah french toast with mascarpone cheese and strawberries.  That dish has been calling her name for a long time.  So, we decided to recreate that breakfast- […]