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One of my best girls in the world had surgery yesterday, and her only request from me was this fruit salad.  Jess said that it was the key to her sanity and healing after her C-section about a year ago.  She’s not one to really ask for help, but during that time, she actually asked […]

Hello, friends.  Just a quick note to keep you in the loop…Since Plan to Plate’s website was hacked a few weeks back, I’ve decided to merge the website with the blogsite.  You will be seeing changes occur over time, improving the format and quality of the site as a whole.  I will continue to post […]

That post was soooooooooo yummy looking! I want to feel the tomatoe juices flowing in my mouth NOW. Love the love you show through your food.

I absolutely love the amount of detail and pictures that go along with each and every post. Keep it up!