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As I write, I am devouring a bowl of Atlanta Fresh Greek yogurt mixed with a drop of local honey and fresh Georgia peaches.  Nom, nom, nom!  Spring is the best!! Yesterday was Sunday, and the Grant Park Farmers Market was packed at noon.  In previous years, farmers and vendors would begin winding down and […]

It’s a quiet Monday morning.  Just me and the happily singing birds.  Everything else is peaceful- as if people are trying to stave off the work week just a few minutes longer.  It was such a beautiful weekend here in Atlanta- warm and sunny during the day, and cool in the evenings- like beach weather.  […]

Friday already??  This week zoomed on by.  So much happening in preparation for the big Memorial Day Weekend!!!  It all started with our Sunday trip to the market, where spring veggies were available by the bushel- full. Radishes and broccoli continue to be harvested, and turnips are flourishing.

Ahh, nothing like a weekend full of sunshine, local festivals with amazing live bands, birthday celebrations, cookouts, time with friends, and peaches. Yup, it’s week two of the peaches in Georgia and, as we walked up to the Grant Park Market today, a truck full of ’em was backing up to Pearson’s peach stand to […]

It’s a rainy Sunday evening, and the ground is well-soaked, as were some of the farmers and vendors who hauled their stock up to the Grant Park Market this morning.   It was pretty quiet out there today.  I think lots of people were connected to their couches, listening to the rain from inside their cozy […]

Life is good.  Spring time sunshine and cool breezes abound, and everything is so green and lush.  It’s officially my favorite season in Atlanta.  When I lived in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia, the falls were absolutely majestic- leaves like rainbow colored tapestries decorating the hills.  But here, spring takes the cake as the most […]

I’ve been playing with kohlrabi and radishes a lot this week.  I appreciate their crisp texture and the ease with which they take on flavor. Here’s a real simple recipe that I made to go along with a Grilled Mexican Spiced Pork Tenderloin.  It took very little time to put together and it was quite […]

Festival season is in full swing in Atlanta.  Hooray!  On Saturday, Adam and I headed to the Art-B-Que in Avondale Estates to enjoy a little afternoon sunshine, bluegrass, and local food.  We followed the happy sounds of the High Strung String Band to the festivities.  As we rounded the corner into the festival, we were […]

It’s a hot, sunny, fabulous day in Georgia, and we’ve just gotten back from marketing (Yay!), erranding, and doing the general Sunday get-it-together-for-the-week chores.  I always wish there could be an extra day between Sunday and Monday.  That way, once all the catching up has been done, there’d be one more day to enjoy.  Lemme […]

It’s on, my friends!  The opening day of the Grant Park Farmers Market was everything I expected it to be and more. We could not have asked for a more beautiful day to kick it all off. As we walked up to the spot, folks were chillin’ all over the place.  Blankets laid out, babies […]