Sharing happiness one bite at a time.

kohlrabi at farmers market

“Ashli – Couldn’t wait until you email on Sunday to ask about the meals…Simply heavenly! We LOVED the veggie bites, as always. The. Chili. Was. Awesome. 5 million stars. The fall hash and tofu was INCREDIBLE. 5 million stars. We always love your salads and dressings, too – I don’t mean to not give them the love! But these entrees were just heavenly. Thank you for searching out healthy and delicious meals for us! You can always re-do meals because we love, love, love all of them.”
– Amy, client for one year.  Two parent household with two children.  Weekly menu: Vegetarian, two meals cooked, one meal with recipe and prepped ingredients.

“So here is the best update to date.  I am out of food!!!   My family loved the grilled flank steak, coleslaw, broccoli, and potatoes.  All I have left is my soup and salad.  I am so glad I didn’t share that.”
– Nicolia, client for more than 6 months.  Two parent household with one kindergartener and one teenager.  Dad gets home late from work during the week.  Weekly menu: two or three meals planned with recipes and ingredients prepped, plus a soup and green salad, fresh fruit.

curried coconut soup with corn, yellow squash, and lentils

“One word to say, Wow!  After all was done, and on the plate, I had to admire it for a minute as even on a very plain plate it looked good…I tasted each item and was pleasantly surprised that it tasted as good as it looked.  Great job on the shopping/recipe!  This meal alone saved me from going out to who knows where for a less than nutritional meal.  It also demonstrated that you can cook for one without waste.  That has always bothered me in trying to plan/shop for a one person meal.”
– Wally, client for over two years.  Businessman with very little time at home, living single in the city during the work week.  Weekly menu: two to three quick and easy dinners planned with recipes and grocery list.

“Still LOVING everything! So- C very much liked the frittata…very delish.  Cooked turkey last night (mom was here for dinner) – had plenty and enough for lunches today which is awesome.”
– Monica, client for more than 6 months.  Working single mom of one high school-aged child.  Weekly menu: gluten-free, limited dairy, mainly veggies and chicken and turkey.  One soup and green salad with dressing.  One meal with recipe and ingredients prepped, plus fresh fruit and breakfast items.

homemade granola

“We won’t be able to go back to the old way of life…no way.  We have enjoyed this service for a long time.

Great person- true giver, she’s a former school teacher- all about customer service.

Fun.  There is so much variety there’s no way you’ll be bored with eating.

Restaurant quality taste.

Learn to cook!  It’s like going to a cooking class in your own home each week.  {on following Plan to Plate recipes}

Nourish yourself with some really great food.  Control salt and sugar.  Local farm produce brought to your door.

Save money.  Do the math, much less $ than going out to eat!  It’s like having a personal chef.

She’ll cater a dinner party.  She brings it all……..ready to go.”

-John and Chris, clients for more than two years.  Working couple with one baby.  Weekly menu: gluten-free, limited sugar, no seafood, no rice.  Three meals planned with recipes and ingredients prepped.

cranberries and sage

“I hate to cook and always have. I hate to shop for food, prepare the food, and would love to do away with anything food related… if I just didn’t get hungry! My husband on the other hand loves to cook, so we got married knowing he would cook and I would clean. It worked really well until his work hours got longer, he got more tired, and I ate popcorn at 5 o’clock in the afternoon and claimed it was dinner. He didn’t agree. We began using Plan to Plate and it has provided a practical and healthy solution to our problem. Ashli checks in with us each week to see what sorts of meals we are craving- hot soups, cold salads, little bites, full meals, etc. – and then delivers our meals to our home. We don’t have to do anything other than heat them up or pull them fully made from the fridge. Since I am a vegetarian, Ashli has researched and created a variety of vegetarian dishes so we always have something different from week to week. (Unless I request an old favorite!) She has even been trying out different Indian dishes because she knows how much we like Indian food. Yum!

My husband’s work is now crazier than ever and he often gets home even later than before, but at least he doesn’t come home to an empty fridge and has fresh, ready-made meals waiting for him.  As for me, I often still eat my dinner at 5 o’clock, but I have healthy, real food already prepared for me. And NOTHING is easier than that, not even popcorn!

On a final note, my rabbit Toby would also like to express his appreciation for Plan to Plate since Ashli brings him two bunches of cilantro each week. Toby LOVES his cilantro and eats it daily. Since buying and delivering bunny-cilantro is another weekly service provided by Plan to Plate, I don’t have to brave the crowds of the Farmer’s Market, even for my beloved rabbit. That, to me, is priceless!”

– Rebecca, client for more than two years.  Vegetarian couple without children.  Weekly menu: a slew of simply cooked veggies, soup, noodle or lentil dish.

quesadilla with spinach and mushrooms

“Food was AMAZING!!!!  The portions you gave me were enough for leftovers for lunch. I can’t wait to be in touch next week for more exciting meals.

From Paula- super busy single mom, loves food and cooking.  Weekly menu: three healthy meals planned with recipes and groceries delivered to fridge!

Making meals and eating this past week has been an absolute joy!  THANK YOU.”

– Michelle, young woman who works long hours.  Weekly menu: three healthy meals planned with recipes and grocery list.

“Had our 1st  dinner last night!  What I really appreciated, is how everything flowed together.  It was so easy & the timing was awesome.  Thanks Ashli!  LOVE it!”

– Stacy, working mother of two.  Weekly menu: three gluten-free meals planned with recipes and groceries delivered.

curried veggies with cauliflower and green beans and cashews

“Oh…the meals (and service) was great!  The food was delicious!  I will definitely use your service with or without the coupon in the near future.”
– Anthony, first time client, used services during a knee injury.

“The food was great!  I especially *loved* the corn/bean salad with spinach  lime.  I could eat that all week long…Last night, I made the pork tenderloin, and it was delicious.  I had the leftovers for lunch today, and there is enough for dinner tonight as well.”
– Terry, client for over a year.  Busy realtor.  Weekly menu: limited grains, low-fat.  Three meals planned with recipes and ingredients prepped each week.

I cannot tell you how much J loved the scallops and then we had the salmon and grits last night which was fabulous.
– Debbie, client for over a year.  Double income household with no children.  Weekly menu: three meals planned with recipes and ingredients prepped each week.

stone ground grits with mushrooms