What’s for Dinner?

We all want to eat healthy, delicious meals. But, between balancing work, kids, and life in general, meal planning and cooking often drops to the bottom of the to-do list, and eating well can feel like a stressful, unattainable goal. The answer to the question, “what’s for dinner?” becomes whatever is fastest and easiest! Frozen meals, pizza delivery and the hot bar at Whole Foods become the norm. But, easy doesn’t come cheap, and our wallets and our bodies will eventually feel the impact of eating on the fly.

fish with golden beets and green rice

Belly-Warming, Drool-Worthy Home Cooked Meals

Now, imagine how it would feel to come home to a wholesome, tasty meal handcrafted specifically to meet your cravings with fresh, local ingredients. Ahhhh, feels nice, right? Ashli’s focus as a personal chef is to help you put scrumptious meals on the table, easily and affordably. A personal chef may seem like a luxury reserved only for the rich and privileged. But, Plan to Plate’s services are not only budget-friendly, they are completely customizable. Let Ashli take the stress of planning and cooking off of your plate and put a belly-warming meal on it.

pot of chicken chili

Personal Chef at Your Service

Personal is the key word here. All services are highly personalized and begin with a consultation to discuss your dietary needs, food preferences and eating goals in depth. You have the freedom to choose how many meals you want delivered each week, and whether you’d like the meals fully cooked, prepped with recipes, or a combination of the two. Mix and match services to create the ideal meal plan for your unique lifestyle.

local tee

Ashli is a strong believer in keeping it local— wholesome, fresh meals begin with ingredients sourced from local artisans and markets like Finn Direct, the Spotted Trotter and La Calavera Bakery. Soups, salads and entrees are inspired by flavors from around the world, while embracing seasonal produce from farmers and purveyors around the corner. Expect a variety of creative, restaurant-quality meals made with love from scratch just for you.


Awaken your taste buds and experience the joy of sitting down to a home cooked meal you can feel good about eating. You deserve it.


How Plan to Plate is Different


Flexible—Life is unpredictable. That’s why Plan to Plate’s services are designed to offer flexibility from week to week. Need three fully cooked meals one week and two prepped meals with recipes the following week? No problem. Going on vacation and need to pause your services? Done. Having the neighbors over for dinner and want extra portions? Bon appétit! Ashli strives to accommodate the needs of your ever-changing schedule with an attitude of ease and understanding.

Personalized— Ashli has worked with every type of eater out there—from vegans to carnivores to foodies and toast burners. You’ll never find lasagna cooked for the masses with ingredients bought in bulk in her oven. Each recipe, dish and meal is crafted to meet individual dietary needs, preferences and cravings.

corn cakes

Allergen and Diet Friendly—Ashli understands the struggle that dieters and those with dairy, gluten, soy and other allergies face. Dietary restrictions can transform the grocery store and kitchen into incredibly intimidating places and take the fun out of eating. With Plan to Plate, you can relax and savor meals again knowing that every bite is not only safe, but healthy and delicious too.


Additional Services

Meals for Intimate Gatherings

A social gathering without food is like a concert without music. Boring! Let Plan to Plate do all of the hard work for your next event so you can sit back and focus on what’s important—savoring the company (and the compliments!).

Ashli plans, shops and cooks for casual and formal events of all kinds—think light apps and fresh salads for tennis lunches, fancy tapas for dinner parties, hearty dishes for company potlucks and healthy, kid-approved treats for the classroom. Co-workers, friends and neighbors will thank you for hiring Plan to Plate for your next get together.


Cooking Classes

sweet potato hummus

Hungry to learn? Pique your culinary curiosities with Plan to Plate’s individual and group cooking classes, kid-friendly cooking lessons, and intimate cooking parties. Ashli is happy to custom design classes to fit any dish, cuisine or skill you request.

Here are some potential topics to whet your appetite:

  • One Meal (Quickly and Easily) Adapted to Three Cultures of Cuisine
  • Soup and Salad Building 101
  • Preparing a Seasonal Meal that Dazzles Guests
  • Planning a Menu that Stretches Ingredients and Dollars




Food is the ultimate comforter in times of need. The gift of a home cooked meal is a warm way to brighten the spirit of caregivers, new parents or those who have suffered an illness or loss. Contact Plan to Plate to place an order and put a smile back on the face of someone you love.


Community Love

Ashli is a lover of her community and all of the incredible folks living in it. She aims to harness both the immense gratitude she feels for all of the goodness in her life and her expansive knowledge of food and use it to create positive, lasting change.

Ashli volunteers with Emory’s Palliative Care Program and Decatur Active Living to provide a Healthy, Seasonal Eating on a Budget workshop. Participants learn how to plan a menu and where to shop for affordable, accessible produce. She also works with local school children, inspiring students to understand the importance of healthy eating with hands-on cooking demonstrations that embrace local, seasonal ingredients.  Contact Ashli to learn more about her interactive, educational workshops.


Pricing is dependent upon each client’s particular needs.  An hourly rate of $45 is applied to the time required for planning, shopping, and cooking.  The flat price of your groceries is a separate charge.

Please contact Ashli to discuss a plan that will work for you and your family, and she will provide an estimated of cost for services.


Plan to Plate serves every client on an individual basis.  Services provided in the Metro Atlanta Area.