ashli-priceHello, Y’all! I’m Ashli Price. I am an avid food lover, home cook, and business owner, and I’m always experimenting with fresh, local, seasonal foods in my Atlanta kitchen. My days are spent planning menus, shopping, and cooking for community members who long to eat healthy, whole foods at home, but don’t have time to make it all happen on their own.

Long story short, in the summer of 2010, I left the field of education after many years of teaching little ones to branch out on my own and stretch myself in ways I never had before. I was longing for creativity and innovation, so it was time for some serious soul searching. I am pretty much obsessed with food and link that passion to perching on the kitchen counter, watching my mom and grandmothers cook and then sitting around the table with family, celebrating life over a wonderful meal. The kitchen was always the hub for chatting and catching up, and many moons later, I found myself sharing hours in the kitchen with my girlfriends and with Adam Price.

For many years, my husband and I have been planning, cooking, and devouring delicious, fresh meals almost every night of the week, making a special effort to utilize ingredients in multiple ways across a menu. We love to cook for friends and family and are constantly plotting our next edible adventure. In choosing my path to a whole new career, I wanted to find an avenue to bring people happiness and to grow my passion for food.

ribfestStarry eyed for all the colors and possibilities to be found in the grocery store and Farmers Markets, I started planning meals, writing recipes, and grocery shopping for a few friends. After lots of positive feedback and a couple months of practice, I grabbed myself up by my bootstraps (thanked my extremely supportive husband), and became a business owner! I am incredibly fortunate to have talented, generous friends who helped me to get on my feet with a logo, business card, and my website.

Three years later, I meet you here. Grinning most of the time. Thinking about food, cooking, eating, visiting local Farmers Markets, writing recipes, taking and editing loads of pictures (improving every day), and growing my business one client at a time. I’ve become known to some as the Food Fairy, delivering carefully selected ingredients, prepared or untouched, and fully cooked meals to a small collection of amazing people. I get so much joy from bringing goodness to folks’ lives through food. I’m thrilled about what I am building and my place in the world.

I’ve been blogging for years now, and I relish the opportunity to share my inspiration and process of constructing meals with friends, family, and folks I’ve never laid eyes on before. Opening our kitchen and my honest commentary to a larger community of readers has become an exciting part of the fabric of my life. I hope you’ll find the blog easy to navigate, fun to read, and helpful in more ways than one.

I would love nothing more than to hear your ideas too and create a space where we can celebrate the wonders that food and life have to offer.

Happy cooking and eating to you.